• A blog about how Darwin and the Dalai Lama would raise their love child

    Modern labour, delivery and parenting should be a process supported by both a vibrant body of scientific research and millennia of human experience.

    Why would we leave science or art out of the equation?

    This blog, managed by me, doula and birth activist Theresa Gerritsen, draws on evolutionary biology, the latest scientific research and personal development techniques. I hope it will support you during pregnancy, labour and the care of your child.

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Sage Safety Advice: Looking for your kid? Check the baby pool first.

Summer is here and the baby pools are out. We recently refrained from purchasing a tall one that was fun for mom and dad, but too drowny for our 2 year old. The safety instructions for the one we ended up buying had this awesome piece of advice: The FIRST place to check if you … Continue reading

Soy-free, dairy-free, nutrient-rich, affordable, homemade protein powder

Vega is a fantastic product, but would run over $150 for a month’s supply in Bermuda and that is if I could actually find it. So I am left with making my own! Supplies A dear friend brought about 30 pounds of supplies ordered off of Nuts.com, a great website with tonnes of dried nuts … Continue reading

June Cleaver and Playboy: Our air-brushed ideals of motherhood

“What kind of mother do you want to be?” she asks. Not me, another she. I hate this question. It’s in cahoots with: What kind of person do you want to be? Well…thanks for asking…I want to be fit, successful, bright, well-read, tidy, organized, sexy, assertive, giving, open, fair-minded, strong, emotional (but not too emotional) … Continue reading