Not so very long ago I was alone and broken by the idea I would neither find the love of my life or have the family I wanted. I began this watercolour not really knowing that the end result would be a painting of a topless pregnant woman. The woman in the photo is an unreasonably thin me. My hair, much longer than when I created the image, grew to this length around the time I was ready to give birth to our son, Bodhi.

The ability and desire to create is an essential quality of being human. Whether in art, song, dance, writing, creating can override that busy mind of yours and reveal the desire of your heart (when in doubt always take the advice of the latter). It doesn’t need to be good, or great, or seen by anyone other than you (heck do it with your eyes closed if you so choose). But, whoever you are, I promise it’s in you to give.

One Response to “Manifestation”
  1. If you do become pregnant there is nothing more important than what you will put into your body. Being pregnant can be a drain on physical well-being, thus the reason for good pre-natal care and overall health.

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