Pregnant human male first article when Googling “pregnancy and science”

This morning I Google “pregnancy and science” – my jaw dropped at the first post: Male Pregnancy.

The link led me to the beautiful website of RYT Hospital with pictures of the pregnant Mr. Lee Mingwei. The site stated that after in vitro fertilization, Mr. Mingwei was implanted with a fertilized egg. It goes on to say that carrying an ectopic pregnancy (basically one growing in the space within his gut) to term would be high risk (as it would be with a woman), and would require a Cesarean section.

My sciency senses tingling, I toured the site looking for information that would tell me this was a joke. I found additional headlines:

  • Human stem cell implantation in a mouse brain results in human intelligence
  • Clinical trials completed on a drug that requires the user to have only 12 minutes of sleep per night (great for those new moms among us)

Now, I graduated at the top of my class in biology, but still there was a part of me that wanted to believe this site was real. The only contrary information I could find was from bloggers who explained that the site is the work of an artist choosing to give us a commentary on the possible and ludicrous medical future in store for humanity – don’t we need some sort of agency scanning the web for ironic artists taking the mickey out of us naive science keeners?

I guess since the information has been up since 1999, the pregnancy is either unhealthily long or mythical.

But that’s not the only BS on the Internet. Read about Dr. Mercola’s poorly cited, yet inflammatory article on vaccines.


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