Babies and chiropractors: tips for joint development

It’s not often I get schooled going to a heath care practitioner, but I did yesterday!

After seeing many chiropractors over the years I found one I trust. Trust so much in fact, that I took my two month old son to see him.

He corrected a handful of things I was doing wrong, which I would like to share with you:

  1. Never pull outwards on your child’s joints. Not to lift them or pull them closer to you on the bed, never. This can cause permanent nerve damage. He gave the example of when a toddler throws a tantrum and collapses to the floor and the parent still holding his or her hand lifts them back up to a standing position. This is a no-no.
  2. When changing a diaper don’t lift your baby’s legs up into the air to place the diaper underneath. Instead, roll them to the side and slip the diaper under their bum. He said it’s OK to clean them by lifting their bum, just to be gentle. The reason behind this is potential nerve damage as well.
  3. A young baby shouldn’t stand or sit on their own. My baby loves to stand on my lap and at two months can hold up his own weight, but this reflex to push against a surface with their feet has developed ahead of his joints, which are all still growing and changing–they aren’t even real bone yet! Support your baby’s weight with your arms while s/he stands and sits.
  4. It is best for babies to sleep flat for the development of their spine. This mean the less time in car seats, swings and seats the better and that playing on his back is just as important as tummy time for development.
  5. Oh! Nearly forgot this one…bow legs on an infant are normal and will resolve themselves overtime as their framework changes to real bone.

Well there you go! I won’t profess to know the science or quantitative results behind chiropractors, just that when you find a good one they work for many folks.

A side note: My baby adored this appointment and our chiropractor. He smiled and giggled the whole way through. Thought I should mention this as I wasn’t sure what it would be like for him.


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