Dr. Mercola believes blogs and Huffington post are good sources of scientific fact

Here is my latest letter to Dr. Mercola. Please see their original letter in response to a complaint I made in the article on Mercola and vaccines.

Before going on, let me restate this: I believe a lot of what Mercola’s site has to say. What I don’t agree with is that they do not cite the proper science behind their claims and they almost always overstate the problem using an alarmist tone. I find it irresponsible, lazy and, frankly, emotionally and intellectually abusive.


Thank you for your response. I reviewed the article mentioned above. As far as I can tell it is a blog post that mentions a scientific paper. My concern is that your site should be citing peer-reviewed information, not blogs or news stories that talk about research studies.

I guarantee you that Dr. Mercola would have failed to get his medical degree citing blogs and Internet media. Why would his website condone citing these as references to such important topics as children’s health?

I am a proponent of alternative medicine, but I also believe that pulling information from around the Internet is irresponsible. If you are going to make such strong statements with your articles, I think you owe it to your readers to back up your claims with the original peer-reviewed sources.

I found and reviewed the original research paper, which came from a well-respected journal and did find a statistically significant correlation between the Hep B vaccine and MS. The discussion outlined both studies that show a statistically significant correlation and some that did not. I feel like I am being a bit of a high school teacher here, but if you state “many” studies show a correlation, you need to reference the original sources for each of those “many” studies.

Additionally, the paper did not study a link between the Hep B vaccine and infant death and auto immune disorders. The original studies should have been referenced as well. Where are these references?

I find  the references in your stories consistently lacking. I read an article today on autism (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/09/10/1-in-100-Now-Have-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder.aspx) that referenced the Huffington Post, for example.

Theresa Gerritsen


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