Clean closets and tidy relationships: Clean Sweep

You know those families who dust for cobwebs on a regular basis? Yah. I am gonna be part of one of those very soon. After years of 40-80 hour work weeks, I am home with my son. Yes, I am working as a doula…and a communications consultant…and starting up our new business selling professionally-installed Internet baby monitors…and singing and reading and playing to / with our son, but I still have extra time on my hands.

Clean sweep (C/0/ betterme–I dunno about their products and such…just the checklist) is one of my favorite websites to return to every month or so. I have been going back for years and made significant progress in the 12 months of pregnancy and being at home with Bodhi. It is simple: a 100 point checklist of things that, when completed, make your life smooth-going.

Have fun!

2 Responses to “Clean closets and tidy relationships: Clean Sweep”
  1. Jessica says:

    LOVE this idea!!! Are you doing it too? I’d love to start… somehow checking off ‘laundry’ or ‘recycling’ just doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere! lol

    • Theresa Gerritsen says:

      Sorry I missed your note. Yes I go back and check every couple of months to see how I am doing. Lately, however, I believe that a few things need to change to make it relevant for me. For instance, it’s nice to have my house completely clean, but honestly I don’t reaaaaally want it that way. In fact I enjoyed returning to the west coast and visiting Salt Spring Island where my friends’ homes are a range of wonderful messes. I feel comfortable here. Like I am not too dirty to sit on their couch. 🙂

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