Something borrowed, something used: How our family saved $4000 in baby’s first year alone (and no I am not selling you something).

With all the great Facebook sites out there, Kijiji, second hand stores and a good dishwasher and dryer to sterilize all your purchases in until your baby licks the floor enough times to make you start to care about toxic cleaners over grit and grime, we need not buy anything new for our babies.

Before Bodhi was born, I purchased three times the amount of clothes and cloth diapers I needed, and an Arms Reach Co-sleeper for him for around $180 off of Kijiji. I then found toys, more clothes and the like off of moms I met and a great Facebook Buy and Swap site and was given too much to fathom by generous friends and family.

Add that to using cloth diapers part-time, elimination communication (we haven’t bought baby wipes since Bodhi was four months old), and exclusive breastfeeding–the numbers add up to thousands of dollars in money saved.

The biggest lesson I have learned in buying used: Patience pays off.

As we start our new life in Bermuda, we arrived with only luggage. All the baby gadgets were sold, donated or left behind. Going out to buy a potty and a booster seat here could be a $300 trip to the boutique baby shop in remote Bermuda. Better to sit and wait (so to speak) and make do in the meantime with what we have. Of course, one of the first moms we met loaned me a potty until we can find our own. Yay community!

Here’s more from the Dr. Sears website:


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