Attachment parenting needs one more ‘b’: A letter to Dr. Sears

Wanted to share a letter I sent to Dr. Sears and co. this evening:

Dear Searses,

I am a devout Sears devotee. I write a lot about Attachment Parenting on my blog site (, and with my child now 14 months old, I have realized AP needs one more “b”: “Buddies”.

I have struggled with PPD and panic attacks when sleep deprived since giving birth. It has been a hard-go of it and many times I have looked longingly at moms holding bottles and laying their babies in cribs to magically fall asleep on their own (our baby was moderately high needs as well).

My experience has forced the conclusion that AP can’t and shouldn’t happen in the absence of a social structure.

AP is the way we have evolved to parent as primates, but we were meant to do this within a community. I am very alone in my parenting due to a choice to live abroad, having aging parents, no siblings my age or friends with children. This has pushed my limits to extremes and caused me to fall over the edge when the going gets tough.

I would love to see you put forward the need to form community and supports for AP families in advance of birth as a way to prepare.

Love to you and your family. Hope Time isn’t making you too big for your britches. 😉

Theresa Gerritsen


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