Natural, practical ways to clear mastitis and blocked ducts

The pain of mastitis is shocking. If you are dealing with it, I am sorry. It can be very discouraging especially in the early days of motherhood when there is so much to deal with. Here is my recipe for dealing with blocked ducts and mastitis.

First, here are some natural ways to unclog the duct and clean-up the mastitis.

1) Raw garlic–as much as you can stand orally at least 3 cloves before bed and more during the day with food. Just chew like heck and swallow. I cured myself from mastitis overnight more than once to my doctor’s suprise.

2) Cabbage leaves on the breast. You can steam them slightly so they are warm when you put them in your bra. Many women swear by this finding a difference within a few hours.

3) You can also try homeopathics–just google it. I’ve heard good things, but never tried it for mastitis.

Once the infection is gone, you might still have to unclog the duct. Also, the second you feel a clogged duct (this is always the beginning of mastitis), clear it–make it your top priority.

1) Put the baby’s chin on the side of the clog as her little chinny chin massages and pulls on that area more. For instance, lay down with her lying with her head pointing towards the foot of the bed if it is on top of the breast–do whatever you have to do.

2) Squeeze as hard as you can stand right behind the clog while she is nursing. Often it will pass right away when you do this.This is very important.

3) Use hot water before nursing on the area and hold the shower head right up to the clog while massaging.

If you have a problem with over-production nurse more than once on each side until it settles down. At one point I was nursing 12 times on one side before switching over to settle things–you have to be very careful with this that it doesn’t cause a clog due to engorgement. Start with only once per feeding (nurse on demand) and then switch to the other breast for the next feeding.

Contact your local La Leche League leader in your area and she will be able to guide you further.


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