Tips for dads and birth partners: Three essential, practical ways to support a labouring woman

Fathers and birth partners can feel overwhelmed supporting women during labour and delivery. Conversely, if a woman isn’t supported properly, birth can be an experience full of fear and pain. A birth partner’s job is to make the experience as pain-free and heart-opening as possible. One way to do this is, of course, to get … Continue reading

Book list and some suggested reading for parents new and to be

Below you will find the list of books available for sign-out to my clients. I love each of these books and hope you will find some that work for you in this list. ———- Pregnancy and Birth Birthing from within: An extra ordinary guide to childbirth preparation by Pam England and Rob Horowitz The birth … Continue reading

How to choose a doula

Choose wisely Your doula is literally your birth servant. She should be able and willing to support you in whatever way you wish as long as it doesn’t contradict her ethical code. Not only will a good doula better your chances for less pain and medical intervention during labour, she will be by your side … Continue reading