June Cleaver and Playboy: Our air-brushed ideals of motherhood

“What kind of mother do you want to be?” she asks. Not me, another she. I hate this question. It’s in cahoots with: What kind of person do you want to be? Well…thanks for asking…I want to be fit, successful, bright, well-read, tidy, organized, sexy, assertive, giving, open, fair-minded, strong, emotional (but not too emotional) … Continue reading

Hate attachment parenting? Maybe it’s because you would suck at it

Advocates of attachment parenting quip that it’s a lazy way to parent. I am known to be one of those cheeky bastards. No bottles to wash. Roll over and nurse while sleeping. No crying babies. No expensive strollers and cribs. Watch me nurse while jogging, createns. Wheee! I believe some people’s resistance to attachment parenting … Continue reading

Technology for negligent parents: A guide to ruining your child with your iPad

Guilty. I use the TV and iPad to zombify my baby. It renders him speechless, emotionless and frees me from responsibility as a parent if only for 11 minutes (the length of our favorite cartoon–one completely inappropriate for babies). It’s never for more than an hour and we go days without it on, but it … Continue reading