Booze and the breast: Drinking with a nursling so that everyone has fun

Tempted to drink on the holidays while nursing? Here’s my recommendation for booze and the breast. Dr. Jack Newman, breastfeeding guru, states, “Prohibiting alcohol is another way we make life unnecessarily restrictive for nursing mothers.” Studies show very little alcohol gets in breastmilk and he says women shouldn’t worry about drinking. That said, other mothers … Continue reading

Breastfeeding in preterm infants: growth versus brain power paradox

Severely preterm infants gain weight comparatively slower if breastfed–a worry for any parent. But a recent study in the journal BMJ shows in later years these slow growers have significant neurological improvement over those who did not receive breastmilk after hospital discharge. The researchers call this the “Apparent Breastfeeding Paradox.” This is additional evidence for … Continue reading

A toddler’s guide to mathematics: Don’t stop at 1…2…3!

Finding geeky scientific papers about childhood development makes my day. Finding one that helps me teach my 18 month old how to grasp mathematics? Well that might make my month. By the age of four, numerical literacy between children varies significantly. In the September 2012 edition of Scientific Development, researchers Elizabeth A. Gunderson and Susan … Continue reading