Hate attachment parenting? Maybe it’s because you would suck at it

Advocates of attachment parenting quip that it’s a lazy way to parent. I am known to be one of those cheeky bastards. No bottles to wash. Roll over and nurse while sleeping. No crying babies. No expensive strollers and cribs. Watch me nurse while jogging, createns. Wheee! I believe some people’s resistance to attachment parenting … Continue reading

Breastfed until five: Billions around the world are warped or you’re just wrong

The Time cover speaks loud and proud. The vast majority of the world breastfeeds their children until 4 or 5 years old. Not only that, many communities breastfeed more than one child at at time and their sister’s children when need be. This needs to be seen as the normal, natural way of parenting not … Continue reading

Something borrowed, something used: How our family saved $4000 in baby’s first year alone (and no I am not selling you something).

With all the great Facebook sites out there, Kijiji, second hand stores and a good dishwasher and dryer to sterilize all your purchases in until your baby licks the floor enough times to make you start to care about toxic cleaners over grit and grime, we need not buy anything new for our babies. Before … Continue reading