Breastfeeding in preterm infants: growth versus brain power paradox

Severely preterm infants gain weight comparatively slower if breastfed–a worry for any parent. But a recent study in the journal BMJ shows in later years these slow growers have significant neurological improvement over those who did not receive breastmilk after hospital discharge. The researchers call this the “Apparent Breastfeeding Paradox.” This is additional evidence for … Continue reading

Making vitamin D naturally: Time in the sun required for light and dark skinned children

An article published in Cases Journal titled: Nutritional vitamin D deficiency: a case report provides a good summary of vitamin D requirements for children with light and dark skin. “The primary source of vitamin D (sunlight) is dependent on geographic location as well as outdoor exposure. To maintain a low normal level (>27.5 nmol/L) of … Continue reading

Free access to academic journals: get off Wikipedia and get your answers straight from scientists

Having lost my student status at the university of Calgary with my move to Bermuda, I have sorely missed my regular access to scientific journal articles. Reading the initial reference is essential to get the straight goods when you are doing research online. Wikipedia and sites like it are filled with incorrect materials and references … Continue reading