Free access to academic journals: get off Wikipedia and get your answers straight from scientists

Having lost my student status at the university of Calgary with my move to Bermuda, I have sorely missed my regular access to scientific journal articles. Reading the initial reference is essential to get the straight goods when you are doing research online. Wikipedia and sites like it are filled with incorrect materials and references … Continue reading

Dr. Mercola believes blogs and Huffington post are good sources of scientific fact

Here is my latest letter to Dr. Mercola. Please see their original letter in response to a complaint I made in the article on Mercola and vaccines. Before going on, let me restate this: I believe a lot of what Mercola’s site has to say. What I don’t agree with is that they do not … Continue reading

Dr. Mercola on vaccines – a lesson in inflamatory Internet BS?

A complex issue such as how, when and whether to vaccinate our children needs more misinformation (on both sides) like it needs a hole in the head. Yesterday, my husband made a great catch on one of Mercola’s articles titled: Warning to Parents: This Vaccine Highly Linked to Sudden Infant Death In this article posted … Continue reading