What is evolutionary biology?

Evolutionary biology is the study of the processes that gave rise to the diversity of life on Earth. This includes both behavioural evolution and physical evolution.Usually one leads to another (simply put, a behavioural change or specialization accompanied with a change in environment leads to a new species).

When I examine parenting and birth, I also look at it from both the standpoint of physical and behavioural evolution in humans.

Science tells us how to parent and evolution has created a neat, tidy package of physiological processes that point us in the right direction. Wear your baby, nurse your baby, co-sleep with your baby: your hormones and hers will work in the way nature intended.

This is not to say that everyone should subscribe to the same sort of parenting recipe. The beauty of evolution is that is favours diversity. We must listen to our hearts and our personal limits as much as we listen to our baby’s needs. I hope this site gives you useful information through which to balance these two key components of parenting.




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