Soy-free, dairy-free, nutrient-rich, affordable, homemade protein powder

Vega is a fantastic product, but would run over $150 for a month’s supply in Bermuda and that is if I could actually find it. So I am left with making my own! Supplies A dear friend brought about 30 pounds of supplies ordered off of, a great website with tonnes of dried nuts … Continue reading

Respect your child’s needs, respect yourself OR How co-sleeping with a sleep regressing son taught me to trust the program

We just went through a few weeks of restless sleep with Bodhi waking 5-10 times a night needing comfort, food or to eliminate after sleeping through most nights for months (except where he was sick or too busy to eat all day). So finally, I Googled “restless sleep toddler” and there is a predicted sleep … Continue reading

Breastfed until five: Billions around the world are warped or you’re just wrong

The Time cover speaks loud and proud. The vast majority of the world breastfeeds their children until 4 or 5 years old. Not only that, many communities breastfeed more than one child at at time and their sister’s children when need be. This needs to be seen as the normal, natural way of parenting not … Continue reading